The EN 15838 Norm

In January 2006  CEN has been mandated by the European Commission to develop a European standard (EN) in relation to customer contact centres. The goal of the standard is to provide quality of service requirements for customer contact centres, common to all centres, which exist independent of service provider, service sector or technical approach to the provision of the service. The standard would be applicable both to customer contact centres that are internal to a business and those that have been outsourced.

This European Standard focuses on the performance quality at the point of contact between the customer and the CCC.

The following figure shows us the seven areas taken into consideration by the standard. You will find four areas for the internal view of the organisaton and three areas regarding the results of the internal activities.

Implementing the standard should improve both customer service and business success. It is designed to achieve customer, staff and stakeholder satisfaction. It should create a culture of continuous improvement and foster increased understanding of the value of the customer contact centre.

You can order the standard at your National Standards Organisation (NSO) which you can easily find under: