ECCCO CC:Certification

ECCCO Contact Centre:Certification

Creating customer value and success

A cooperation between ECCCO 
and Austrian Standards plus Certification

The Contact Centre is the face of your company to the customer; here the decisive interaction between your company and the customer takes place. In order to establish a benchmark for the service quality in this sector, the European Standard EN 15838 has been created.

Contact Centre:CertificationTM

ECCCO, the voice of the contact centre operators has joined forces with Austrian Standards plus Certification (AS+C) to establish a certification system for the EN 15838. This common certification system will be offered to the global market under the brand Contact Centre:CertificationTM.

Why was established
-   To ensure harmonised procedures for the certification
of Contact Centres according to EN 15838.
-   To create a strong industry specific quality brand name
for certified Contact Centres.

Creating customer value and success

EN 15838 certification of your Contact Centre creates value for your customer by
-   ensuring high service quality at the interface to your customer,
-   putting customer care into focus.

EN 15838 certification promotes your Contact Centre business by
-   enhancing efficiency of your processes,
-   helping your business to distinct yourself from competitors.

The path to your EN 15838 certificate
The Contact Centre:CertificationTM EN 15838 certification scheme specifies the procedure to certify a Contact Centre:

  1. The Contact Centre elaborates a written documentation. An auditor will check this documentation with regards to the requirements of EN 15838.
  2. The auditor conducts an audit at the premises of the Contact Centre. The audit comprises checks of the processes as well as interviews of agents.
  3. After successful completion of steps 1 and 2, the Contact Centre will be awarded a certificate
    Contact Centre:Certified EN 15838
  4. In order to maintain the EN 15838 certificate, surveillance audits will have to be conducted on a 2 years cycle.


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