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CCI is the official magazine of ECCCO


CCI is the official magazine of ECCCO. The main objective of this collaboration is to provide all Customer Contact Centres professionals in Europe and in the rest of the world a real information channel regarding the customer contact centres sector.

This collaboration offers a variety of documents and information such as white papers, networking opportunities, local and international events, case studies, user profiles, (research and experts statements), and also a wide range of relevant knowledge of the customer contact industry locally and internationally.

In addition, through this collaboration top experts in the field from all over the world will share their expertise and contribute to the learning experiences of our readers by offering information with interesting content as well as invaluable manuals and other resources.

In other words, this collaboration is a unique project, based exclusively on knowledge and content from the sector for the benefit of the customer contact centre community and plays the role of a tool for accessing the full range of related information regarding the global customer contact centre sector.
Springer is an internationally prominent science publishing house and renowned offerer of specialized publications in Europe, with over 60 publishing houses in approximately 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA and more than 5000 coworkers worldwide. They publish about 2,000 journals and more than 6,500 new books annually.
Market leading Springer publications for the European market are: Call Center Profi and CallCenter INTERNATIONAL (CCI).

Please be informed that a CCI subscription will be available for the special price of 25 Euro per year (4 issues) for each new subscriber interested in Call Center International magazine within the first year of subscription.
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